• Tpt. Tpt. Tpt.
  • Dr. Dr. Dr.
  • Cl. / B. Cl. / Ten. Sax. Cl. / B. Cl. / Ten. Sax. Cl. / B. Cl. / Ten. Sax.
  • Mand. Mand. Mand.
  • Tba. Tba. Tba.
  • Bass / Vla. Bass / Vla. Bass / Vla.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, it's an Honor to present to You, An Empty PNG!
  • Tpt. Tpt. Tpt.
  • Perc. Perc. Perc.
  • B. Tbn. B. Tbn. B. Tbn.
  • Oud Oud Oud



  • “Today, we announced the jury’s verdict. Banda Nella Nebbia – incredible! Determination, impressive powerful arrangements, leader/team – cherry on the cake top at New Tradition festival”

    Olo Walicki

  • To my ear, the music sounded like “folkloric Shostakovich” with minimalist John Adams and blues in the background. <…> A group of young talented artists convinced me from the first notes. <…> One can feel hard work on reheasing material, and deep commitment in playing.

    Maria Pomianowska

  • Grand music, like NoMeansNo, Primus, Faith No More and John Zorn joined forces with John Coltrane and Frank London. Soon whole world will know this band, I wish them the best and keep my fingers crossed!

    Maciej Szajkowski

Selected Shows

  • Ethno Port Poznań 2016

  • New Tradition 2016

    • Debut Album Premiere
  • Skrzyżowanie Kultur 2015

    • Artists of Sounds Like Poland
  • EthnoKraków 2015

  • New Tradition 2015, Contest

    • Debut Show
    • Winners of Grand Prix
    • Winners of Czesław Niemen Special Prize

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